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Renovating your surroundings may not occur at the snap of your finger tips, but it can happen at the snap of our Cube Care Disposable Curtains. We provide an array of comforting colors and designs available to choose from, including small details that can bring life and comfort to a room. Choose the color that perfectly suits your health care environment and fill your space with our lively Cube Care Disposable Curtains


Cube Care is proud to present the

Standing Tall Pattern By Elizabeth Allen
Comes in two colors:


Solid Tones

A splash of color can make a vast difference to any environment. We are proud to offer Cube Care Disposable Curtains in various solid colors. For a touch of tranquility and relaxation, surround patients with a neutral cream color or taupe that matches any interior. Our Cube Care Disposable Curtains serve more of a purpose than fresh decor, but consider the great color selection as the icing on top!

Designer Patterns

We are proud to offer even more of a selection for our Cube Care Disposable Curtains with our designer colors. You can set the mood of your surroundings with a collage of rainforest leaves in pastel colors or our leaflet pattern filled with deep earth tones. We are constantly adding new patterns to our collection, so keep an eye out. A colorful bold print may just be what your health care centre needs.

Architex RX Patterns

We are proud to offer even more of a selection for our Cube Care Disposable Curtains with our Architex RX Patterns.


Custom Colors

We can customize Disposable Curtains for your medical facility in a snap! Have a favorite pattern or fabric in mind? Allow us to use it as your inspiration to create a unique pattern just the way you want. Want to send a message to your patients to tell them how much you care, or looking to create brand awareness with your logo? Let us know so we can customize the perfect curtains for your environment. We will have our in-house designer arrange a consultation to create the design you desire. We want to know exactly what you are looking for from the colors you want to see, to where you want to see them. Once we have created your vision, we will prepare a digital image for your approval and proceed to develop a plate that can take up to 5 different colors.

Contact us today to set up a Custom Curtain Consultation.